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Pool Shapes

A Kidney Pool ExamplePools come in all shapes and sizes. Most contractors have their own set of special designs that you can ask about. However the most important factor in pool shape and size is the available "build able" area you have. Most pool installers can create any shape or size for your pool so it can fit in your backyard with ease. Below we'll have some very basic shapes that all contractors will be familiar with.

Square pool shapeSquare or rectangular

Available for Inground and Above Ground pools
Just as the name describes its a rectangle or square shaped pool. The above ground pools usually come with a constant depth. Meaning the pool has a constant depth throughout the entire bottom of the pool. Inground pools can come in either constant or variable depth. Think of variable depth as a pool with a shallow and deep end.

Circular pool shapeCircular

Available for Inground and Above Ground pools
Circular are the most common Above Ground pools.

Kidney pool shapeKidney

Available for Inground pools, check with your contractor for Above Ground.
Kidney pools are shaped a bit like a kidney bean, hence the name.

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